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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Perfect Sunday

It is just the most perfect day today.  The sun is shining and the temperature is comfortable.  The trees are starting to turn color.  It is a wonderful fall day.

I went back to Flowers of the Needle.  I needed to get the basket cross hatching in after straightening the line above it.  Then I finished the leaves around the vine.  I decided that the spangles should be put on with the yellow thread rather than the brown.  I'm going to take out my first bunch of spangles and put them in with the yellow and put them just a bit farther apart.  I used two strands instead of the called for one to make the blue flowers which look like tulips to me.  I have more to couch on the basket.  If I worked on this all day, I think I could finish it.

I also worked on the side pieces for the small box.  I like how it is turning out - even though I am not fond of the big queen stitch flower.

It is a much more harmonious style to go with the top than the crest.  I'm still not sure what to put in the upper right hand corner, my name or initial?

I read some more in The Light Between Oceans and I am half done.  The story has changed it's focus from thread to another.

I'm looking forward to Lesson 6 tomorrow in the Cabinet of Curiosities class.

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