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Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday, Monday

I have been laboring this Labor Day.  The bathrooms are clean.  Yeah!  Now I can move on to other things. I am getting ready for the Sue Spargo class next Sunday so I picked out some threads and started goofing around with them and my bird.  I am learning what threads are easier to work with.  At first I stitched a design on the spine of the needlebook with some overdyed pearl cottons.

That was hard to get them through the felt, especially several layers of felt.  Then I did some buttonhole stitch around the bird.  I thought it would stand out more than it does.

Another thing learned, go brighter more bold as the color goes in milder than it looks in the skein.  Then I tried some Wildflowers thread by Caron.  Nice, easy to work with.  I'm going to try putting on some beads and buttons and try the fly stitch on some leaves.  I also want to try the cast on stitch on the bird wing.

I am filling in some of the flower I drew on 40 count.  I did the stem in chain stitch and covered up where I strayed onto the next thread.  Then I tried some long and short stitch on the green thingie under the flower part.

 Now I am ready to take on the flower but I have to decide on the color of floss.  It will either be a blue or pink or light purple.
I got another red carnation stitched on the Cherished Stitches Limited Edition kit.  Slow progress.
I've been looking as the mess on my sewing room floor and I decided I need to finish some stuff off so I can get rid of the mess.  I also need to put some stuff away. (Story of my life!)
I am up to Chapter 6 in my book, The Light Between Oceans.
Have a great Labor Day!

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