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Friday, September 7, 2012

New Ideas

I was a bit discouraged working on the piece of the Sandra Orton sampler for the small box.  I realized that the part I'm stitching is too big for the top of the box and it didn't turn out like I expected in style or color.  Then when I was reading some blogs this morning I had another idea.  I have always like William Morris designs.  How about trying to translate a William Morris design into either an embroidery or cross stitch design for either the small box or one of the caskets?  I got the idea from The Broken Thread blog.  She is going to stitch a design that began as a drawing inspired by William Morris.  How cool!  I have several books about William Morris.  I'll have to look through them.  I have done a watercolor painting using one of his designs as the background.  So anyway, I have decided to try and finish the bit of the Sandra Orton sampler I've been working on.  I'm not sure what I'll do with it.

I worked just a bit on Needle Nut.  It is developing and I am enjoying it.
I finished up the ornaments from yesterday by gluing felt on the back.  Ta Da!

I read that the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue is out.  There are a couple of ornaments on the cover that I want to make.  So I'm looking for my mailman to bring it to me soon.
I printed out the driving directions to the class on Sunday.  It is being held in a Quilt Store so I'm looking forward to seeing what nifty stuff they have.
I cut out the rest of the pieces to the oilcloth tote.  I hope to sew that up today.  Then I have to figure out the handles and where I want to put them.  There was a free quilt pattern on Blackbird Designs' site for a small quilt that you frame and hang earrings on.  I have some scraps and it would be fun to fool around with that.
I drew the second flower on the 40 count linen.  I drew it smaller this time.

Second time's a charm, at least that's what they say, or is it third time's a charm?

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