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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Sometimes it feels like I get nothing done.  Yesterday, I got nothing done.  I took out the queen stitches on the American Sampler piece for the side of the small box.  Then I started putting it back in in the correct color.

I started the first (of four) sunflower on the last temari.  It is driving me crazy because I can see that it is not centered but I am not going back and fixing it.  I'd have to take everything I've done out and this isn't any fun anyway.  So heck with it!  The aim is just to finish it.

I got a couple of things in the mail that I won off the Bay of  Evil.  They look like fun projects.

Ebay has a CA Wells kit that looks marvelous but I'm sure will go for big bucks.  A girl can dream.

I want to get back to Flowers of the Needle.  I was very successful in doing the things on my list last week.  Either I should make another list or reward myself somehow (new start!) - or both!

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  1. The Nantucket kit by Brightneedle is adorable.