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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Saturdays are always busy.  I've been to the Farmer's Market.  I just saw the regular stuff this week although I bought a couple of sweet potatoes.  That's about as wild and crazy as I get.  I've been to Pilates but the teacher was helping someone out in the hall who fainted and she only made it to class half way through. Another student led the class (badly) until she got back.  I stopped at the bakery to get some Italian bread to have toast tomorrow morning.  I've paid the bills.

Well, I made my goal for yesterday of finishing the Lady on the American Sampler.  Boy is it hard to take out stitches on 40 count!  But I think I have her all set.  I measured to see if I have enough room to put in the tree beside her and I think I do.  I want to work on this today and see how far I can get on the house. Oops! I forgot to put in her nose and month.  They are just a backstitch.

I finished the stitching on Needle Nut and now I need to read the finishing directions.  I know I have to backstitch an outline around it.  It would be great to get this put together today.

The mailman still has not brought me my Just Cross Stitch Ornament Magazine.

It is an absolutely beautiful day outside.  This is as good as it gets.

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  1. Wonderful and lovely stitching!
    The lady has such pretty colours in her dress.
    Love the little bird holding the flower, did not notice that before:)
    As these caskets are very labour intense to work on, it´s hard not to feel overwhealmed with all the stitching involved.Many times though these difficult and time-consuming projects turnes out to be our most prominent and best treasures.
    The needle nut looks so pretty too, you have done a marvellous job on the stitching!
    Take care of you and have a lovely day!