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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chubby Charmer

Those people at the Quilt Shop that I took Sue's class at are very clever.  As I walked into the store, there was a fairly large bag just sitting on the counter.  It was an oilcloth bag.  I loved it - and so did a lot of other people.  I ended up buying all the stuff to make it.  Unfortunately they were out of the pattern and the stuff that goes between the lining and the outside fabric but I got everything else.  So many people want to make that bag that the Quilt Shop is going to have a class in how to make it in a couple of weeks.  It was the fabric that first caught my eye.  I loved the colorful patterned fish.

The bag had some umph to it.  It stood up by itself.  I found out that the stuff they use inside it is called Soft and Stable.  It is much stiffer than batting and more polyester- foam like.  The lining was quilted to the Soft and Stable.  I got little blue fishy fabric for the lining.

 I went looking at my local fabric store to see if I could find some Soft and Stable and the bag pattern that is called "Chubby Charmer".  I found "Mini-Charmer" and I found some black Soft and Stable in a smaller size than I need.  I still have a couple more places I can check and the Quilt Shop has ordered more Soft and Stable and Chubby Charmer patterns.

Then I was thinking about how to finish the oilcloth bag I sewed together last week.  I went back and read the directions (always a good idea) and thought about putting some batting in the bag to give it more body.  I decided to use some iron on batting.  I also looked to see if I had some plexiglass to cut a square to fit in the bottom.  I added plexiglass to the bottom and ironed on batting to the lining.  It is almost finished.  I just have to sew the lining and outside together and attach the handles.  I want to use this bag for going to the Farmer's Market on Saturdays.

My goal for today is to clean off the extra bed in the computer room.  Every flat surface in this house is in danger of me piling junk on it.  It is a constant battle to keep things looking tidy.  The bed has stuff on it that has been there for over a year.

  Enough is enough!  I am going to clean it up today!!!

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  1. Amy where is the oilcloth bag class - at what store?