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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

It is Labor Day Weekend.  We are going over to friends on Monday and I am taking a homemade apple pie.  Otherwise, it is a regular weekend.

I got my Hand Dyed Fibers order yesterday. This is the premium floss monthly selection.   I put all the colors for the American Sampler in those floss bags.  I'd really like to try stitching a part of the sampler and see how it looks.  The pattern calls for 25 count but I have been thinking of doing it on 32 count.  I think I'll experiment with printing it out as if it were on 28 count and see if the designs elements fit where I want them to. I can compare it to the 32 count I already printed.

I am on the home stretch with the Strawberry Summer Sampler.  Just the last section to do.  I like it very much and am thinking of where to hang it.

I tried out the micron pen that came in the Cabinet of Curiosities kit 1 on some 40 count linen.  I just drew a small flower.  Now I have to do some embroidery and see how that works out.  As you can see, the stem strayed a bit to the next thread.  I don't know if that is a problem.  I planned on doing either a chain stitch or a stem stitch.  The pen is permanent so I really have to cover it up.

Today is the day that we get a new lesson for the Cabinet of Curiosities class.  I've been checking every hour to see if it is out.  Not yet.
This week I need to work on the Sue Spargo bird as the class is next Sunday.  I've been gathering supplies: beads, threads, felts etc.  It will be interesting.


  1. The strawberries look lovely. That was fast work!!
    Fancy your Labour Day weekend being now - we have ours the third Monday in October so have a wee while to wait yet!
    Enjoy your long weekend - the apple pie sounds delicious ;-)

  2. So pretty strawberry sampler, quickest stitcher you are:)
    The basket is really lovely with the brown/straw shades.
    You are so talented with the Cabinet, it is a very exciting project!
    Have a lovely time with your friends, and enjoy the apple pie, yummy:)