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Friday, September 21, 2012

Flowers of the Needle Never Fade

I like the sentiment on this project, Flowers of the Needle Never Fade.  I worked on this all day and have made pretty good progress.  I guess I want confirmation that I can embroider a casket as well as cross stitch one.  I am itching to add some of my own flowers to the vine and a couple of extra colors of floss.  I've already added a lighter green to the inside of the leaves.  I don't really like that the leaves are all one color.  I bet an overdyed silk floss would look nice. I'm going to try that on the needleroll.   I think the really fun part will be the basket of flowers.  Again I want to add some of my own ideas.  I like how the spangles look.  I wonder where you buy those.  I haven't seen them at needlework stores, but I haven't really looked for them either.  I am looking forward to shopping at ABC Stitch Therapy and Delectable Mountain Cloth next month while going to the New England Stitchers' Retreat (three weeks away!).
Margaret asked me what I want to do on the sides of the small box.  I found a couple of snippets of samplers that I would like to stitch and just see how they look.

 Then I thought about more of a border around the sides.  Oops, this is upside down but you get the idea.

  Then yesterday, Tricia told us what she has in mind for the small box " I do have a design for you for the little box - it will allow you to try purl work on the front, satin work with a bit of relief on the top and then the different types of woven geometric work on the sides.  :-)"

I want to try these but I don't know if the different styles will go together.  I also want to try a William Morris design to see how that looks.  What would a bargello look like on the ends?  So many possibilities!
I can't believe that I am at the end of another week.  I have a special kit that I want to win on ebay this weekend.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. I like the heraldic style motif. It must be real fun sorting through your stash to choose things! I have bought many times from ABC Stitch Therapy - online of course! How I envy you the chance to visit in person.