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Saturday, September 8, 2012


A lady selling pies at the Farmer's Market this morning was wearing her winter coat!  Okay, it is a bit cooler today - but not that cold.

I dug out my William Morris books and paraphernalia.

 Wow, there are a lot of possibilities for using his designs on a casket.  The best idea I found was from William Morris Stain Glass coloring book.

I could trace this design onto fabric and embroider it or I could try to change this into a cross stitch chart.

  This is a perfect design to try and color it in with colored pencils to see how it might look.  One of the books I have actually has a chart for this strawberry thief design.  I want to try out a small piece of it just to see if I like it.  But then the question is, what count linen do I use?  The charts I have are really for needlepoint and meant to be done on a much larger count than 32. How do I get the size that I want?   Will overdyed floss look good?  I have to figure out the details.

I worked a little on Needle Nut.  I got all the words on one side done and now all I have to do is the background. This is going quicker than I thought it would.

I put a few stitches into the Cherished Stitches Limited Edition kit.  I have a big red flower to do.
I didn't get the oilcloth tote sewed together. I guess I was lazy or distracted.  Maybe today.  I didn't realize until I cut out the oilcloth that the fabrics are different from the lining.  They will all go together anyway.
I probably won't post tomorrow as I will be at the Sue Spargo class all day.  I'll take my camera and tell you all about it.  Hopefully she doesn't know that I called her bird butt ugly.

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  1. Going great I see, with all ideas and thoughts for the casket:)You have wonderful ideas and I am sure you will find out how to put it all together with a beautiful and personal touch.
    Love both the William Morris(always a classic) and also the beautiful American Sampler with the cute couple and the blue house.That design has always been something extra whenever I see someone stitching on it.
    I stitch alot of petit point for miniature scale and have to figure out the stitching area etc.
    I find that many designs are just as beautiful and easy to convert to cross stitch or vice versa to petit point/needlepoint variations.
    As long as you have the number of stitches you can count it up on other fabrics.
    I can imagine overdyed floss will look superb, as well as solids.
    Good luck and much fun on the path to a finished casket!
    Keep up the lovely stitching spirit and thanks for sharing, have a lovely day:)