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Thursday, September 6, 2012


In my Silver Needle order were the Simply Wool threads for Needle Nut.  So I took out the silk gauze and mounted it on some muslin.  That sounds so simple but it really wasn't.  I had to sort through a couple of piles to find the bag with the kit in it to get the gauze.  I had to look in the closet for a bag that I knew had some muslin in it.  Then I had to push junk on my sewing machine out of the way so that I could zig zag around the edge of the silk gauze.  Then I went looking for a hoop.  The only one I could find (I know there are others somewhere!) already had something in it.  So I took it out and put the Needle Nut in so I could start it.  I have worked on linen with some Simply Wool before and it is fine to work with.  It is a single stranded not-too-thick wool.  I wish that it looked more even but there is a bit of fuzziness to the wool.  It is always fun to start something new.

When I framed up the Strawberry Summer clock, there were two ornaments that I stitched earlier this year on the same piece of fabric as the clock.  So I cut them out and decided to use skirtex as a stiffener for them then put felt on the back of them.

So I laced one and to make it lay flatter, I sewed the linen to the skirtex around the edge.  With the next one, I thought, I don't have to lace at all, I'll just sew it to the skirtex.

I originally sewed directly to skirtex in a Sherri Jones class (A Mermaid's Two Tales?  I forget which class)  Anyway, this is how they turned out.  I need to glue them to felt and cut a scalloped edge on them.

I've decided to just cut off the wings a bit on the Mary Engelbreit ornament for Claire.  I think I can use skirtex to finish this one too.

I tried a few cast on stitches.  I need to work out a few kinks.  The stitch seems to curl on me.  It seems like I need a very long piece of thread to work with, short ones won't go on the needle easily.  I know how to cast on to knitting needles so this stitch wasn't hard.  I just need a little practice.

Have a great Thursday.  Chicken Pot Pie tonight.

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  1. I love the idea of lacing/stitching onto skirtex as the finish would be much finer than even a thin card. Will have to try that myself one day.