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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Nose Job

I put the nose on the Lady and now she looks like Jimmy Durante!  (You have to be pretty old to get that reference.)  Even from a distance, her nose looks like a brown blob on her face.  I'm going to take it out and use a darker flesh color instead of that brown.

 I still have to put in her mouth.  The front door is done!  Yeah!  I like the gnarled tree behind the Lady.

  I think I can finish the house today.  This is going to be a good top for the small box. After stitching this project, everything else I stitch will look huge and easy.  I want to go back and work on A Case of Indian Ink just to see if that is easier now.  It is over one on 35.

I did the finishing for Needle Nut.  Wow. Isn't it cute?   It looks way smaller now that it is done.  This was a fun project and I got it for free playing bingo at the NG of MN reteat.  Nifty.  Of course I had to buy the threads.

I traced the bug from the Cabinet of Curiosities class on a scrap of 40 count.  I going to find a gold Krenik thread to chain stitch the edge.  The pattern I am imitating calls for "reverse chain stitch".  Why make it harder than it has to be?  Why not regular chain stitch?  I am not decided if I'll try the reverse chain instead of the regular.  It depends on how masochistic I am feeling.

I had another idea.  After looking at the Cartouche for the October Retreat, I thought of designing my own.  I want to take a circle of flowers from the Sajou book I bought and find a scrolly "A" to put in it.  I also have a circle design with needlework tools in it.  That would be cute too.  I have more ideas than time!

It is another beautiful day here.  I wish I could bottle up this day and save it for January.


  1. Amy, I totally sympathise with the "more ideas than time" as I count down the years till I retire (ha ha). Your current projects look lovely but I know my eyesight would never let me attempt over one on 40 count. You are clever!

  2. Hi Amy! Wow, you've already got your top stitched. Mine is still in the planning stages although after next week I have a week off and have more projects to stitch that week than I will have time! Who is the designer of the piece with the thimble on it? Is it the right size for the top? I'm thinking that I would like to do something different than what is designed and that with the buttons would fit the theme perfectly. Deb