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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Did I clean off the bed yesterday as I said I would?  Yes!  I am very proud of myself as I had been meaning to do this for months.  But when I was putting some papers away such an ironic thing happened.  Let me backtrack for a moment.  On Monday I was delighted to get the pre-stitching for the New England Stitcher's Retreat in the mail. The kit was just for the cartouche that will go on the top of the box we are going to make.  The fabric in the kit was labeled as :

  I remembered the description of the project said something about a high count of linen but I know it wasn't 40 count.  So I went back and looked.  It said the linen would be 36 count Examplar.  Hmmm.  Anyway I set off to start the pre-stitching as I love starting something new.  It is a little challenging but going fine.  I am getting more used to 40 count.  I had to graph out my initial and I put that in.  I have about a quarter of the leaves and flowers that surround the initial done.

Then as I was sorting papers yesterday morning that I had out for my Cabinet of Curiosities class, I looked at one and thought "that's what I was stitching last night!"  And it was.  The paper was a print out from an old Sajou book that I got off  of Free Patterns of old Historic Cross Stitch Patterns site .(  So I compared the paper with the pre-stitching chart and, yes, they were the same.  How ironic!

I have been working a bit on Needle Nut and finished the front and am now working on the back.  The back is turning out way neater stitch-wise.  Maybe I am becoming more comfortable stitching on the silk gauze. Or  maybe I know not to try and use too long a strand of Simply Wool.

I got the big red flower done on Cherished Stitches Limited Edition Kit.  It is great to see progress.

Then last night, I got an idea.  I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

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  1. Your initial looks great. Don't you just love those Sajou alphabets. I do. Have a great day.