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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Making Lemonade

Some days I should just stay in bed.  Yesterday I would have been better off not doing anything.
I realized as I was almost done with the rose on CA Wells Double Pocket Rose thingie that it was in totally the wrong place.  Everything I had stitched was wrong.  If I could have thrown it away, I might have.  But I don't have any more of that banding.  So how about making lemonade out of lemons?  I started (again!) putting the design in what I hope is the right place, half an inch up from the bottom.

  I was hesitant to take everything out.  The rose was looking very large and clunky so I thought, why not just do the rose over one instead of two?  Then I thought, if I have room, I'll leave that first "v" in and just take out the bottom of the over-two rose so that it doesn't show when it is folded over.  So far, okay.  It is salvageable.

Then I thought I would try a design out for the side of the small box.  I started the lion on the crest from the Spanish Sampler by Sandra Orton.  I got the top half of the lion done when I realized that I omitted a stitch that would move his whole leg over.  So I dropped that sucker like a hot potato and went onto stitch on something else.

I put in a few leaves on Flowers of the Needle.  I don't think I messed that up - yet.

I was so very disappointed not to win the kit on ebay.  I really was sure I could get it.  I bid in the last 15 seconds more than twice the current bid but no, I didn't get it.  Rats.  Oh well, there will be another time and another kit.

I am going to work on the lion again today.  I have taken the mistake out and now I can try again.  He was supposed to be purple but I want him a manly gold.  Let's hope I can count today - or at least read a chart correctly.

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  1. Oh this CA project takes me back to when I stitched it... what problems I had too!I flipped the banding over and up and down and back..finally got it right.
    It is totally beautiful when finished though so just hang in there!
    The crest looks so lovely, what a great design to add to the box if you decide so later on.
    Too bad you did not win your wanted kit, hope you find new stuff.
    Sending lots of energy to you, hang in there with the mistakes, it will be so worth it in the end.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely things!
    Take care,