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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thinking of Ornaments

It finally came in yesterday's mail!  I got my issue of Just Cross Stitch with all the Christmas ornaments in it.  There are a few I want to make.  I thought I would give a review of this issue.  First I have to make a disclaimer.  Several years ago I was sitting in the Manchester (New Hampshire) airport waiting for a my plane home from Celebrations.  Sitting next to me was a designer so we struck up a conversation.  In the course of talking, she revealed that she gets paid nothing for a design in the ornament issue.  Well, they do send her a copy of the magazine.  But that's all.  The magazine claims it is great publicity.  So if you were getting paid nothing, what kind of design would you donate?   Also I have to reveal that I do not like primitive designs.  Since primitive is very popular, half of the designs available now are that style and  I just don't like them.  Other people obviously do like primitive and are very happy with designs in that genre.
I prefer delicate to big and bulky.  I can graph out words so that to me is not a design.  Now that you know where I am coming from, I'll tell you what I think.
First, this is a good issue in that there are a few ornaments that I want to make.  I have ornament issues from many years (20!) past and have made only a couple of ornaments from a couple of the magazines so when I see some I actually want to make that is a plus.
Second, I like that several of the ornaments are for the advanced stitcher.  They are challenging.  Only one has no cross stitching at all, just rhodes stitches.
Third, there are some shapes that I like.  Victoria Sampler's purse is cute.  I like JBW's stocking. The Thistle Threads and Wee Works ornaments use perforated shapes.  Prairie Schooler has a tree.  I always like Prairie Schooler.

Some of the ornaments are too big.  A few need tweeking. (I can't read the "noel"  through the plaid)
That owl is just a little scary.
A few designers weren't in the issue.  I didn't see The Sweetheart Tree.
A couple of the ornaments made me think "What is that?"
Penguins for Christmas?

I have been working on the American Samper for the small box.  It is taking shape and nearly finished.  I am having to change the edges a bit to fit the top.  I'm kind of feeling like this is my masterpiece.  If only for the fact that it is on 40 count.
Have a lovely day!

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  1. First I have to say WOW! to your casket projects!
    You are amazing and I so much enjoy seeing how the American Sampler part looks on 40ct and all the progress. I love all about that stitching, I said it before and again and again:)
    You have done so very well to stick with the difficult higher ct fabric and patiently creating the box top.Cudos to you!

    Also I very much enjoyed reading about the Ornament issue. I totally agree with you, and I have always wonder about the designers getting nothing but a free copy.
    I rarely stitch ornaments, but I know it is very popular and enjoyable projects.

    Thanks again for a lovely post!
    Have a lovely day, enjoy your stitching today and take care:)