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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Boxes in the Mail

I got two boxes in the mail yesterday.  One was the clock that I ordered from The Silver Needle for Strawberry Summer.  Yeah!  It is all put together now and I really like it.  For now it is hanging in the computer room.  It's a place that I can look at it and enjoy it.  I saw this project on a blog, ordered the magazine on ebay, ran to the LNS to get threads, ordered the clock, and now, after not too many days, it is done.

I sewed the rows of the oilcloth tote lining together.  I don't like that the bottom of the bag is undefined.  I wonder it I can put a piece of mat board or acrylic in it to make a hard bottom.  Anyway, I started cutting out the oilcloth.  It really isn't oilcloth but only a very light plastic coating on regular fabric.  At least I'm making progress.

I printed out a part of the finished American Sampler that I had a photo of.  Then I put it on the flat casket that I made out of foamcore to get a better idea of what I have in mind to stitch.  It looks so different than what I imagined.
 The piece of sampler I am stitching for the small box is turning out so different too than what the chart looked like.  The 32 count linen looks huge.  

I finished the little flower on 40 count fabric.  The two silk flosses I used are different from each other.  The pink is a thicker premium floss and the white is a 6 ply ( I just used one ply) silk floss.  I was wondering how this would work out. I guess it is okay.

 There is another flower on the other end and I will make some changes (make it a bit smaller) and try it again and see if I improve my stitching.
It is very quiet in the neighborhood since school started yesterday.
I better get cracking on my bird.


  1. Congratulations on the clock - it looks wonderful. I am amazed at how good your eyesight must be to stitch on 40 count fabric.

  2. Hi Amy,
    I wonder if you could get heavy quilter's template plastic and put that in the bottom of the tote bag? That way, if you need to wash the bag someday, it would not dissolve like skirtex might?