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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Doing Homework

I was so excited to get Lesson 5 of the Cabinet of Curiosities after dinner last night.  I printed it out and put it in my big notebook.  Then I enjoyed reading every word.  I am so surprised that the plan looks like we will be gluing the stitched panels to our caskets.  We only need to leave about half an inch between the panels on our fabric.  Whoa.  Then I did some homework.  I took one of the pieces of fabric from the kit and ironed on the freezer paper to the back to give it some stiffness.  I taped the pattern to the window and taped the linen on top of it.  I traced the pattern onto the linen.  It looks good.  I have to wait until next month for the directions on what to do next.  I hate wasting so much linen around the design. I'd like to trace the design about four more times in the corners.  I was wondering too about changing this to a cross stitch design in my PCStitch program.  Or printing it out on graph paper.  The linen is 24 count so I would maybe stitch over one.  Many possibilities.  It will be fun to experiment.

I finished the Strawberry Summer clock.  Very cute.  Can't wait for my clock to get here so I can put it together.

I also did some more finishing on my Strawberry Hill design.

I thought about it a lot and decided to put some thread rings inside and have the pocket on that side hold the threads hanging down from the thread rings.  Then on the other side I am going to make an envelope type top for the pocket so stuff doesn't fall out of it.

Above the pocket I'm going to cut some felt for a  pin/needle keep.  Then on the outside I'll put some ribbon on the top to tie it together.  I'm still considering a twisted cording edge.  Not sure....
Another strawberry pattern is beckoning me to start it.
I'm having fun on a Sunday.

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