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Monday, October 1, 2012

My Joy is Complete

I was so excited this morning to get the Cabinet of Curiosities lesson 6.  It was more than what I hoped for.  I knew we would get directions for the bug and that it would probably be made into a pin pad.  I thought it would be worked the same as the Butterfly pin pad kit.

No!  It is done in tent stitch.  With a technique I haven't tried before.  Cool.  You outline each part with a dark thread then fill in with tent stitch.  I want to try it.  I didn't know that they didn't have charts back in the 17 hundreds and so this is the way they stitched.  Who thought up charts anyway?  Then there is a second project to do.  A tiny glove with a stitched cuff.  The glove part is made out of ultrasuede.  I can't wait to try that too.  I haven't finished with my little experimental bug.  This lesson gives me more ideas on ways to finish it.

I got distracted yesterday.  There are several CA Wells kits on ebay (be still my heart) so she is on my mind.  I happen to be looking through some of the patterns that I have of hers and came across the Ring of Roses.  I thought, I should try that for the cartouche for the retreat (next week!!)  The pattern calls for Soie d'Alger silk.  So I went looking on the internet for a conversion chart to DMC as I don't have many skeins of that silk.  I even looked up how to pronounce "Soie d'Alger": swah -doll- zhay.  So then I had to go looking for floss.  That is always frustrating, trying to find the color I am looking for.  So finally I got started.  I didn't measure what size it is going to be.  I cut a piece of 32 Sandstone to try it on.  So far, so good.  It is a little smaller than the original cartouche design.  But we will see how it turns out.

I put in one flower in the basket of Flowers of the Needle.  I didn't get very far yesterday.

The bathrooms are clean and I'm ready to party.


  1. Love the colours of the new cartouche. Happy stitching.

  2. really interesting with the tecnique you tell about, with the tent stitch.It is how some designs of Sharon Cohen of Nostalgic Needle is to be stitched up.The Queens Sweet bag for example.
    It is very pretty and looks more antique. I look forward to hear more of your adventures on this projects. Your little butterfly is looking so cute so far!
    I am currently doing CA´s Ring Of Roses too:)finishing up as the box if I can manage.

    The Flowers Of The Needle is gorgeous, what beautiful stitching you are doing on it!

    Thanks for sharing your always heavenly projects!
    Take care

  3. Mr Experimental Bug is very pretty :-)