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Friday, October 26, 2012

Try Try Again

I found the new and improved chart for the Rose Glove.

  I decided to start over as I didn't want to take out all that gold metal thread.  I also decided to go with my gut and change colors and threads as I went along.  I have enough room on the same piece of cloth to do another one.

I like my new colors but I have to find three more shades of the red color.  I'm going to look in my Color confidence book for some shades of red.   I picked a gold color thread for the background.  It will take a long time to do the background.

I have one more book that I bought recently.  It is called "18th Century Embroidery Techniques".  I got it for a picture on the front.  I was thinking of doing a casket with flower that are like those around the edge of this man's coat.  In this book, the author has gone to a museum and looked at the items on display and then drawn them and analysed how they were done.

I have picked up and put a few stitches in a couple of old WIPs.  That pink flower is bugging me so I might change it.

I won't post tomorrow as I will be in class on the other side of the state making a box.  I've got my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.


  1. The new glove project looks very nice so far:)
    I think you did a good choice to change the background thread to an easier thread, as you did not feel good about it being so hard to work with.
    You can try out that gold thread on a separate piece instead of having to work around the other stitches.I know there are some needles out there that are very good for this type of gold thread, but they are quite expencive.I think they are japanese needles, but I am not sure.
    Love this book to, isn´t it fun to have these nice books:) I often look in mine.

    Stay safe if you are driving to class, and enjoy the fun!
    Take care,