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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Girl Stuff

I've just been to the mall to buy baby girl stuff.  What fun!  Claire is growing so fast.

I worked on Flowers of the Needle yesterday.  The picture probably looks the same as yesterday's post but little things have been finished up.  I realized that the green under the basket wasn't finished.  I needed to put in the year on the other side of the basket.  I added some flowers around the outside vine.

I started the needleroll.  It is slow going putting in the alphabet over one on 40.  I can't believe that Anette has worked on 64 count.  I didn't know you could do something so small.

I put a few stitches in the experimental bug.  I should finish him off.  I want to trace another bug and try him again with a different background
I looked at the Sue Spargo needlebook and decided that nothing is going to make it better and I should just finish it off.  The colors are never going to change ( puke green) and I dislike them intensely.

I am getting excited about leaving on Thursday.   I'd better start packing.


  1. So cute little shirts, they have so adorable clothes nowdays for little ones.Not same as when my children were babies:)
    Oh, that yellow-eyed bird...:) he is cute in some way anyway.

    Looking so great with the start on the needleroll,
    and I am still drooling about the needlecase, you have stitched it so beautifully!
    About stitching on small linen, canvas etc, I think it is easier to stitch on 64ct silk gauze than on higher ct linen.for example 40 ct regular linen is very work intense I think.
    But it is so beautiful with the smaller stitches than on a larger ct linen.
    It looks more smooth and elegant:)

    The experiments on the casket projects are so fun to see, I am amazed at your energy to do all these things, and it is very interesting to see what comes next:)

    Have a lovely day, and Take care!

  2. I love the little outfit for Claire - so pretty. And I'm with you on that bird. Are there really people who like that colour green? But it must feel good to have learned a new technique. Only one day until you go. Happy and safe travels.