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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Trip Part Four

I finally figure out how to get warm water out of the shower.  Yeah!  Our boxes are taking shape.  I only have to finish the tray.  Shelley and I are thinking of more efficient ways to make this box.  Don't look closely at mine as it is a little lumpy in places.  If I made another one, it would be way better.

I dreamed up a way to finish the top.  Last Thursday as I was getting ready to leave for the airport I managed to find this pleater thing that I have had forever and have used it only once before. I stick it in my suitcase.  So after I get my box put together I pleat up some of the fabric and arrange it around the cartouche and put lace on top of it.  I only have scrapes of fabric left but I try pleating some to see how it will look.  I like it!  The teacher admires the idea.  The lace is a bit too white so I try some tea dying and then that isn't quite dark enough, I try some coffee dying.  I like how it turns out.  In hindsight, I should have bought some more material from the teacher and pleated one long strip instead of putting together three pieces.

I am happy with getting the project almost done.  The teacher shows us how to use this cording tool.  I have the tool but I didn't know how to use it.  I am so happy that someone is going to show me.  She twists up cording for whoever wants it.  I want it!!  And I want it in two sizes!!  I haven't attached it yet.
Everybody is waiting until it is time to go to ABC Stitch Therapy.  We carpool over there at 4 in the afternoon.  It is about 15 miles away.  The scenery is beautiful.

  We have a wonderful time shopping.

They have so much stuff. They have more than the run-of-the-mill stuff.  The models they have stitched are amazing.  And Thread!!  So much thread.  I am interested in getting linen since it is best to choose linen in person as opposed to ordering it.  Would you believe I got a whole yard of 40 count???
Shelley and I each buy a special kit that was last year's retreat piece.  It is darling and has a special chair that isn't available anymore.
 I also find several kits that I have been wanting.
There is tea and treats for upstairs.  That is the teacher in the green jacket.
We got a 20% discount on what we bought.  What fun shopping!
Then we drive back to the Stone Dwelling House and had a most marvelous dinner with ham, turkey and all the fixings.
What a marvelous day.
I have to pack because we are leaving early in the morning.
It was a great retreat.

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  1. The pleating looks so supernice, and the lace is just perfect for the top part:) Now I understand what the cartouches you stitched was for:D
    I think your pleating did that little extra we always are looking for to make our stitched pieces unique.
    Stitch Theraphy was my first online shop experiance years ago, fun to see how it looks inside.
    Dinner sounded so yummy, turkey is not so common here.
    Have a lovely and nice day!