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Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Finish!!!!

I am very proud of myself.  I worked all day yesterday finishing the Flowers of the Needle Never Fade pieces.  It was a lot of hand sewing and I ran out of the small ribbon.  But it is done!
Here is the needle book:

Here is the needleroll.

I haven't made a needleroll like this one before.  It uses a hard cardboard tube with batting wrapped around it.  The ends are gathered then just tucked in.  I am missing ribbon for putting on one end. ( I used too much on the needle book)  This project was different than what I usually do since is was mostly embroidery.
Now can I start something new?
I bought this Fern Ridge kit at ABC Stitch Therapy.

 I had seen it online and wanted it.  When I bought it I didn't notice how much it was.  Upon opening it I discovered that everything you need is in the kit.  I love it.  Then I saw the price.  I might not have bought it if I had looked at the cost.  But I am glad I have it and it will be fun to make.  It is going to be bigger than I thought.  I thought it would be just a little strawberry.  It is going to be large strawberry with wooden leaves that have words printed on them.  Kinda cool.

The fabric count looks huge compared to what I have been working on.  It will be so easy!
Anette, I wanted to reply to your question. (You are listed as no-reply so I can't email you personally) The lighting at the Great Stone Dwelling Place was not very good.  It was built in 1841.  It has been modernized and is in amazing condition.  It was very well built.  Everybody brought their OTT lights so if you wanted to stitch you could have good light.  I actually sat in a chair in my room with a lamp next to me and was able to put in a few stitches.  The light was good enough for gluing which is mainly what we did.  I have a renewed appreciation for my "happy chair" and my Ott light in my sewing room.  There's no place like home.


  1. Your Flowers of the Needle project looks amazing. Congrats on your finish.

  2. You have done a beautiful job! Congratulations to another treasure to enjoy:)Love the pretty silk lining.
    I think free embroidery is quite hard to do, it mostly get uneaven and not as pretty as I would like. I really can understand how hard you have worked on this needlebook and needleroll.
    Good that you are able to add your own lightning.It makes the stitching so much more enjoyable when seeing properly.
    I can think that a shaker house like that don´t have more than just the necessary standard maybe, to preserve the legacy of the shaker way of life. Love the stools on the wall:)

    I have joined your blog, maybe you can find my email there now if you want to contact me:)
    Hope it worked.
    The Fern Ridge strawberry is the cutest, with those wood leaves!
    Take care, have a great day!