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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Horrible Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

Yesterday was an absolutely awful day.
I got up really early (for me) to drive over to my class.  Google maps said is was a 2 hour and 24 minute drive to the class.  Google didn't tell me that the sun would be glaring so bad that I would not be able to read the signs and therefore I would miss the turnoff.  My sense of direction took over and I made three wrong turns.  I stopped and asked a nice woman how to get to the road my class was on.  She told me to turn around and go back the way I came.  I did.  Then there was road construction and I couldn't get through.
That is my worst nightmare, knowing where I need to go and not being able to get there.  I was late for my class.  It took three hours to get there.  Then I find out that the people who actually attend the guild meetings got the prestitching.  Then there weren't enough tables set up and I sat in the wrong place (the glue spraying table - which is a bad sign in itself).
The teacher was very nice.
The class was not what I expected.  I thought we were going to make a box.  No.  She handed out premade boxes.  (Paper mache boxes covered with wallpaper).  We only lined the box using manila folder and moire fabric.  There is a small bit of stitching of a band to hold scissors.  I managed to screw that up as I didn't understand the chart.  We tufted the bottom  liner and I broke two needles trying to do that.

The lunch was great.
We were done by 2:30 in the afternoon.
Great - I can get home early.
Oh no.
I get directions on how to get back to the highway and I actually manage to get there.  After only a few miles there was a backup.  I mean there was a BACKUP.  Miles of BACKUP.  Was there an accident?  What was going on?  It took an hour and a half to go 5 miles.  My head was ready to explode.  Everybody had to get off the highway.  I assume there was some construction going on.  I was afraid I was going to run out of gas right there on the highway.  I made it off the highway and got some gas.  I went next door to the gas station and got a hamburger.  I happen to hear someone ask how to detour.  Luckily(?) I heard what to do.  I had planned on trying to go the other direction.  So I follow the directions and everybody forced off the highway was on this two lane road going about 15 miles an hour. ARGH.  After a while the traffice sped up. I thought I would never get home.  It took over 5 hours of driving to finally get home.  I spend more time driving that I spent in class.
I am never doing that again.
I am very thankful to be in one piece and to be home.
Tomorrow is another day.


  1. I do sympathise with your traffic woes. I too, hate to run out of time, feel pressured and not to know exactly where I am going. At least you are safe and I am thankful for that. The box does look good but I suppose will have unpleasant memories haunting it!

  2. O my, what a lot of problems. How fortunate you made it home well after all.
    The class sounded to be abit unorganized though with lack of informations etc.
    Now you can relax and spoil yourself with some extra comfort and treats in the warmth of your home.
    Take care of you,