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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Things to Show

What if I don't have anything done?  What if I don't have anything to say?  I always worry that I will run out of things to put on this blog.  Sometimes I stitch just to have something to show you. So far I have managed to find something to say.
Yesterday I went to see Dylan for the first time this year.  He is much taller and we had a great time.  He is a very good checkers player and we had a fun game that we didn't get time to finish (our time always goes so fast!),  maybe we will play again next week.  He is in fourth grade this year. I have him read a short book to me every time as he needs the practice.  I take him a bunch of snacks too.

While I was on my trip to New Hampshire, I worked on a pinball kit that I got on ebay.  I am too much of a snob to work on aida so I changed it out for some linen.  I like how it looks but it will take a long time as the background is stitched as well.  It is on 35 or 36 count linen.

I finished the little pocket that goes with the class last Saturday.  I didn't like the design (it was way different from the picture when I signed up) and I didn't like working on the diagonal so I was a bit sloppy with the finishing.  But hey, it's done.

Sometimes I feel like a sucker for paying so much money for something worth a few dollars and instructions for making something I already know how to do.  Live and learn.  It was fun to be around other people who like stitching too.

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  1. Stop worrying:)
    I can not imagine anyone would want you to feel any preassure about the blog. You can write less frequent, or if you want to blog on daily basis you can take s snap of the nature, a flower on your table or anything, and just say Hi!.
    Please, have just the fun with the blog, and post when you feel like it.
    I can imagine you are sorry about the latest class, and on top of that the trip there and back.I am glad you met people and had some fun with that:)
    To stitch on the scew/diagonal is very work intense and one of the most difficult ways to stitch. And the design would be any just as good to stitch in the normal way.
    Very nice you had some great time with little Dylan.
    sending Hugs
    and "no-preassure-on-the-blog-pills" :)