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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Book

I got a book in the mail yesterday.

It is a book I pre-ordered when I took Sue Spargo's class.  So I bought it sight unseen.  I'm glad I got it.  I was thinking that I needed "The Right-Handed Embroiderer's Guide" but this book will do just fine.  It shows how to do the stitches that we worked with in the class - ones that I had forgotten the name of and how to do.  It really is a very good reference.

 I am impressed by the simplicity of one of Sue Spargo's designs.  What if you took six circles and appliqued them on a plain black felt background adding embroidery to them and then finished it off as a small zippered bag?  It is such a simple idea but each person's bag turns out differently and is a very creative endeavor.  I want to try that one day.

I got a gift certificate for my birthday to the French General.  It is a store that I have seen on the internet.  They also have a yearly trip to a chateau in France.  (Wouldn't that be fun?)  I spent my gift certificate buying two bracelet kits.

They won't be sent until next week.  I think my new Orna Willis tools with be very useful in completing these kits.  I'm not very versed in jewelry.  If I have trouble putting it together, I'll look on YouTube or go to a bead shop not far from my house.

I have been working on the Aunt Julia's Sewing Box accessories.

 After I get this scissors/needles book stitched, I'm going to stop and finish them off before going on the the other accessory.  I'm hoping I can press all the wrinkles out.  Overdyed fabric get so wrinkly since the sizing has been washed out of the linen.

We got treats in exercise class today.  I love those fun size candy bars.

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