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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Back

I had a great time on my adventure to New Hampshire (and Vermont!)  Thursday was a travel day and I got to Manchester in the late afternoon.  This is a metal moose sculpture at the airport.

I stayed over at a hotel near the airport as I was meeting Shelley on Friday afternoon so we could share a car rental. Just next door to the hotel was an Olive Garden restaurant where I went for dinner. We can never get in the Olive Garden here as it is always busy and has a line out the door of people waiting for a table.  DH doesn't like to wait so we never go there.  It was fun eating there and I tried some new things. I had some soup and the fried lasagna appetizer.  I couldn't resist the Italian donuts dunked in chocolate for dessert. Then I just amused myself by stitching in my room.  I worked on a kit I got on ebay that is a pinball.  I changed the aida out for linen though.  It will be pretty when it is done.

In the morning it was back to the airport to wait for Shelley's plane.  I sat and read a book on my Ipad, Defending Jacob.  I am getting into the book and it is well written.  I am very excited.  I hoped I would recognize Shelley.  We really don't know each other as we just met at the Retreat in Minneapolis in August.
I do recognize her when she comes down the escalator.  We rent a car, actually an SUV and are off to Delectable Mountain Cloth.  I so want to see this shop!  It is a pretty long drive - about two hours.  I think we got there about 4 o'clock.  I expected Brattleboro to be a little small town.

 We didn't know the traffic would be crazy and that finding a place to park would be so difficult.  We asked someone along the way how come it was so busy and he said that Brattleboro was the biggest town  around within an hour's drive.  Maybe it was so busy because it was a Friday night.  The main drag was filled with little unique shops.  We would have shopped more if we had had the time.  But our goal was to see Delectable Mountain.  There was no sign on the shop.  A lady was washing down the sidewalk in from of the store.  It was the owner.
I took this picture while standing just inside the front door.

The shop is absolutely unique.  It is packed full of wonderful silks, taffetas, lace and buttons.

 In the corner there are scarves made from saris from India.  Very cool.

 The owner has a collection of vintage hats that are amazing.

 We hardly know where to begin but the owner shows us around a bit and then flitted off to help someone else.  We find wonderful silks to finish off needlework projects.  I get some buttons for my Button Brag Book.  They have great glass ones that I have been looking for, and many other unusual ones as well.  A lady starts helping us by cutting the fabric we want.  Shelley and I split several silk pieces as we both want some of the same fabrics.  I keep seeing more and more silks that I want.  I get about eleven different cuts.  I see some hand crocheted lace that would be great for this weekends project.  We could have spent much more time and money in there but we had to get to Enfield by 7:30.
More of my trip tomorrow!   I will take a photo of my purchases at Delectable Mountain so you can see my treasures.


  1. I was sooo looking forward to your return and your report. Didn't realise it was Vermont. I am enjoying an audiobook "Left Neglected" which is set in Boston and in Vermont. That shop looks amazing - no wonder you added to stash there.

  2. Welcome back, you have been missed here in blogland:)
    Oh, what wonderful things they seems to have in the shop!!
    I can imagine you were in heaven with all the silks and buttons and beautiful things.
    So great when we can stash up on things.

    Looking forward to hear more about your trip!

    The little mermaid-book is so hevenly, love mermaids!
    Sherry has done a lovely work on that design.
    Hopefully we will see it as a chartpack later on, looks like a really fun project to do.

    My current audio book is by Henning Mankell, it is a criminal novel and so very thrilling.

    Take care and have a lovely day!