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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Three Cartouches

I finished the Ring of Roses and found some initials for inside it.  It turned out great.

I think it would be perfect with just the right fabric for the box.  I looked at my fabrics to see if I had something that went well with it.  I found one that I like but I probably don't have enough for a box.  I now have three cartouches to take with me to the retreat.

It is interesting to see the three of them together.  The 40 count linen one looks so smooth compared to the 32 count ones.  I'm liking 40 count better each time I work on it.
I didn't find that spool of thread yet.  I have sorted through some of the laundry basket of shame.  I threw some things away,  put some in a pile to sell on ebay and put the rest in a someday pile.  I still have more to go through.

I am doing well on the bug pin pad.  Just the bottom section to fill in with greens.  I don't like such a large count linen (24, I think).  But I have learned a lot.  Anything that you have a line drawing of can be stitched.
The silk thread is a bear to work with.  At least is isn't as bad as Pearson's.
We just bought a new mattress.  Yeah!  It is to be delivered on Friday.
I finally got a hotel reservation for next Thursday so I am all set for the retreat.  The countdown is on.

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