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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lost and Found

I have been working on hard projects.  I tried the background of the Rose Glove using the gold thread.  ARGH.

The thread breaks open showing the silk center easily and after only a few stitches. See the yellow plume at the top?

  It makes me wonder if I am using the correct needle for gold thread.  I am not very happy with what I have stitched so far.  It isn't very nice and even.  It does look sparkly though.  I tried a few stitches using various techniques just to see if a different stitch looked better.  I think the cross stitch one looks nicest.

I don't relish taking out what I have done so I will probably stick with the knitting stitch.  But it is not fun.  I went looking for my hoop as I thought that might help.  While looking for the hoop guess what I found??  The basket thread!!  It wasn't on a spool as I had imagined, it was just coiled up in the bottom of the Laundry Basket of Shame getting cozy with another thread.  I can't believe I found it.  I shouldn't be surprized as I ordered some more yesterday ( it is more than 20 dollars a spool!) so of course I would finally find it.  Then as I was working on Flowers of the Needle, I couldn't find the spangles.  Why do I keep losing things?  Well, the bag does have a tear in it that I finally covered with some scotch tape.

I have made good progress on Flowers of the Needle.  Sometimes I am afraid of trying to stitch things that may not turn out.  But one must soldier on.  I am proud of my pansy.  I added the purple color in the middle and think it looks good.
I should kit up some easy stuff to take with me on my trip.

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