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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Finish and a Start

I goofed around with the Rose Double Pocket yesterday until I finished it.  Yeah.  I've had the kit laying around for over two years so it is about time to get it done.

Unfortunately, I still can't find the basket thread for Flowers of the Needle.  It occurred to me that I should just finish everything else and worry about that later.  I just have the basket curliques to do in the lost thread.

So I got out the Rose Glove directions.  I decided to do it just like the instructions say.  It is pretty small.  I've got about half of the cuff (not counting the background, that's a whole other story) done.  It is over one on 34 count.  Not too bad.

I looked this morning for a small wooden box at Joann's but didn't find anything.  I was looking for quilt designs and needles.  I got the pattern and the filling (Soft and Stable) for the fish bag yesterday.  So I have all the stuff to get going on that.

The mattress is supposed to be delivered soon.  Can't wait.

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