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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hold Everything!

There was a post on our Cabinet of Curiosities site that said to stop stitching the Rose Glove until the teacher has a chance to address questions about it.  So there's my excuse to lay it aside for a while.  The teacher is going to teach a class in New Hampshire this week but not the one I am going to.  I thought about working just a little bit on it every day until I have that darn background done.  I made sure to leave enough room to stitch it all over again if I need to.

I made great progress on Flowers of the Needle.  I found the spangles!  I think the basket is just about done.  I thinking of just a couple more leaves.  Then I may add some purple flowers around the outside vine so that the purple in the basket doesn't look out of place.

I really like how the  flower basket has filled up the space.

I finished the basket!!  It was very challenging to get that thread couched where I wanted it.  But it looks fine - especially from a distance.  On the picture of the project are two birds on either side of the basket.  I don't like them as I think they are too small.  So I may go looking for a prettier bird.  When I get that done the whole needle book can be put together.  There is one more part to this project.  It is a needle roll.  But it will be easy as it is just vine and alphabet.  Maybe I can get this done before my trip.

All is right with the world as the bathrooms are clean and DH is taking me out for dinner.


  1. The flower basket looks really pretty. Will you be able to finish-finish this set before you go away?

  2. The Flowers of the needle is Heavenly beautiful!
    How pretty the flowers are and the basket, oo just drooling!
    It will be so pretty when you have finished the set:)

    The glove looks also truly wonderful!
    Sorry to hear you have problems with the gold thread.
    I have experianced that too, with the thread breaking up.
    About the needle, it can be a good thing to change to a larger eye one and see if it works.
    Hope you will get it to work.

    Thanks for a lovely post, take care:)