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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Trip Part Two

Here is the stuff I bought at Delectable Mountain.  A lot of her fabrics are good for making doll clothes as she has many little prints.  Little prints are great for needlebooks too.  I found lots of little stripes and checks that will be perfect for finishing things.
I just love the patterned silk.  This was Ralph Lauren.  The colors here are way off.  In person these silks are gorgeous.
And more silks:

It is hard to see this fabric but it is a silk and linen blend with a pattern on it.

Here are my buttons:

This hand crocheted lace was fabulous.  I'm going to use some around the catouche on my box.

We got to the Shaker museum in plenty of time for the welcome party at 7:30.  It was a beautiful drive.

Thank goodness Tricia was there to drag my suitcase up to the fourth floor!
This is my room:
What a long day!  We were so glad that we made it.  I was really glad that Shelley had her GPS to get us where we needed to go.
Tomorrow: the retreat begins!


  1. Those fabrics look beautiful. I love the buttons too. What a wonderful place to have a retreat - did you have time to enjoy the scenery too?

  2. The *silk* ! *quiver* Love the rose button especially. Off to find the pic of your button brag book, thanks for the note on the Ning.,

  3. Love the buttons! Love the silk fabrics! Love the scenery!
    Lovely post, thanks!

    Looking forward to hear more:)
    Take care