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Monday, October 22, 2012


I planned to go out to see my mentee Dylan today but my clearance form hasn't gone through yet.  Maybe I'll go tomorrow.
I got some Halloween treats to hand out, popcorn and fruit snacks.  That's about the healthiest choices I could find and I am not tempted to eat them.
The bathrooms are clean and I am ready to get busy stitching.  The Fern Ridge strawberry is going well but I discovered that I was one stitch too high on one of the lines so I am taking it out.

I think I can finish it today.
Then I need to reassess my WIPs.  I want to finish the side of the small box for Cabinet of Curiosities.

I have at least two more designs I want to try out.
I should finish winter cottage by Gay Ann Rogers.  It is close to being done.
I am still waiting for additional instructions before proceeding on the Rose Glove.  (Actually, I am dreading that gold thread stitched background.)

Every time I go to a retreat, the floor of my sewing room gets messier.  I should try and find places for some stuff.
I am going to a class with Marcia Brown Smith on Saturday.  We are making a box and some smalls.  That will be fun.  Unfortunately, I have to drive over two hours to get there.  I signed up for this last summer.  It is ironic that I just made a box last week and now I'm making another one.  This one is a cigar box shape.


  1. "one thread too high and I have to take it out" ... and you wonder why I dislike counted work!
    Do you have Carey/Elizabethan Stitches? I *really* recommend getting it to get the 'direction map' for tent stitch and a whole lot more info on those background stitches.....

  2. The "little blue man" angel looks lovely as does the strawberry. Reverse stitching isn't pleasant but it is satisfying to know that everything is correct. I love counted work for that.