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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Report

I am tickled pink to tell you that I finished The Berry Words by Fern Ridge.  I think it is quite cute and unusual with those wooden leaves.  I like the words printed on them too.
I got a book that I ordered from Hedgehog Needleworks.  It was recommended to those in the Cabinet of Curiosities class.  The book's entire title is:  English Embroidery from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1580 -1700 'Twixt Art and Nature.
It has tons of pictures of all types of embroidery.  I wish I could have seen the actual exhibit but this really is even better than that.  You get up close pictures of the objects in the exhibit as well as experts writing about each one.  I intend to read this cover to cover.  It was an expensive book.  I think it will help me decide how to do my casket.  I've already spent a couple hours just looking at the pictures. Here are a couple of pictures from the book:
Cool.  Hey, only a week until our next lesson.


  1. Your strawberry looks great - no wonder youa re pleased with it. I'm thinking that your curio cabinet must be full to overflowing now?!
    Enjoy the book as it sure does look full of inspiration.

  2. Cutest strawberry! it is so neat when the designers come up with little gems to add to the stitched piece.

    The embroidery book looks amazing, what a great sourse for ideas and inspirations for you.It is the greatest thing to have these books to look into and re-fill the energy, also I find that I often discover new things in the books as time goes by.

    Take care!

  3. Twixt may not help you with ideas. It may *bury* you in ideas!
    One warning - don't forget most of the pieces are panels, not casket sides. So the motifs and colours are right, but the layouts are different. I forgot that for ages and got really confused.
    I went to sleep last night thinking about a motif for my left panel (currently working on it) and one of the first things I did today was to check the date since we're on the countdown til the next lesson. You'd think we liked the course or something!!