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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Following Directions

Lately, I've not been very good at following directions.  I just want to try it my way.  I know it may not turn out.  But really, that is the best way to learn.  I finished the bug pin pad.  Now it is time to critique it.

didn't use the suggested colors.  I just looked at the picture and picked out my own colors.  Now that it is done, I think the bug outline is a darker color than in the picture.  I like it that way.  I changed the sky and I think that didn't turn out as well.  I think the bug would show up better if the sky was dark at the top and got lighter.  I think I messed up the colors of the sky in that two of the flosses are muted colors and that dark one looks like a bright color.  The dark red in the wing doesn't show up very well.  I was limited by the shades of pink that we have in the kit.  When I got down to the very bottom of the grass I rebeled.  The silk was irritating me and I couldn't find the green that I wanted.  So I grabbed a Hand-Dyed Fiber in the color I wanted and tried that.  It was a premium varigated silk floss (which means it is thicker) and I only used one strand.  It was soooo much easier to work with.  Now I would like to try this all over again and do it better and using more of the Hand-Dyed Fibers.  There is room on this linen to do another one in one of the upper corners.  But hearing of other people working on the glove pattern makes me want to start that.  It is done on 34 count Oaten linen.  The background is in knitting stitch using gold thread.  I haven't tried that before.

I worked a bit on the CA Wells' Rose Double Pocket.  I took out the rest of the rose that was over 2 and in the wrong place.  I did the pulled upright cross stitch.  It takes me about three tries to get things right.

I'm still cleaning out things in my sewing room looking for the thread for Flowers of the Needle.  Still no luck.  I may have to order more.
Time to eat lunch and putter.


  1. Very nice work with the butterfly! I haven't started mine yet, but I have plans to start this weekend if I can get some free time away from the three kids. Don't worry about the colours, I think it is good to experiment, it will help you with the colour choices when you stitch the casket.

    The glove looks like a great project and I am sure the knitted background looks like a good challenge.

  2. Experimenting is good. I think the butterfly looks great. Here's a tip on sky coloring. If you look at the horizon on a clear day the sky is pale blue. As your eye goes straight up it is the deepest blue. Love the rose too.

  3. Great work on the butterfly experiment, it´s beautiful!
    Working with some silks are very challenging on the mind:)
    Some of them just wont go where they are supposed to and get caught up on the fingers etc.I stitch alot with YLI silk on 64ct silk gauze and I have found it abit helpful to dampen the silk just a tiny bit.
    Love the CA pocket, looks so cute with the smaller rose.
    It is a fun project to stitch.
    Have a lovely day and take care,