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Saturday, October 20, 2012

In Summary

I need to tie up some loose ends.  Here is my pleater.

I also have a smocking pleater but that is totally different.  In this one you tuck the fabric in each little flap and then iron it down.  When you take it out of the pleater you have your pleats set.
Here are some memorable happenings on my trip:
1.  I love Delectable Mountain and would like to have hours to explore all the things in this store.
2.  We got a good laugh hearing that Barb's DH was buried with a coupon in his hand.
3.  It makes a big difference when a retreat has good food.
4.  I love my own bed and my own bathroom.
5.  Without TV, telephone and other electronics, the silence is profound.  Oddly enough the Great Stone Dwelling Place had Wi-Fi.  It is also said that there is a ghost.  Luckily, I didn't meet him.
6.  New Hampshire is not just a pretty state, there are several things we want to visit next time (Frye's Measure Mill, Keepsake Quilting and Burdick's Chocolates).  Of course we want to go back to Delectable Mountain and ABC Stitch Therapy.
7.  I love getting little presents of floss and candy and the extra charts I didn't expect.
8.  It is great coming home with a completed project.

It was a great trip.  Now I have to get back to my regular life.  It is time for mentoring again.  I can't wait to see how much Dylan has grown over the summer.

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