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Thursday, November 1, 2012

How can it be November?

Time flies when you are having fun - - and even if you're not!
We survived Halloween once again.  We had about half the usual number of trick-or-treaters last night.  It was cold and a bit rainy.  I love seeing the little kids.  A few of the trick-or-treaters are taller than I am.
I have a lot of candy (mostly fruit snacks) left over but I'll give some of it to Dylan each week.
I was excited because it is time for another Cabinet of Curiosities lesson.  But the teacher has no power so part of the lesson will be delayed.  I downloaded directions for a pincushion worked over 30 count waste canvas on Duchess satin.  It is good to try new things.  I've used waste canvas before but usually to put a design on a sweatshirt.  I'm not sure I will like the result but I'll try it anyway.  Stitches don't look as even when you go over waste canvas.
I was motivated to work on the Rose glove yesterday in anticipation of today's lesson.  A few people have posted their finishes and I want to have mine done too.  So I got busy.
I picked out colors and I like how they look.

I think it is a big improvement over my first try.
I also read a bit in my Twixt Art and Nature book.  It is very interesting and I'm learning a lot.
I am almost done with Aunt Julia's needles/scissors book.

I forget if I told you that I finished reading Defending Jacob.  It had a few twists and turns.  I think it was a well written book and it makes you think about things.  Reading it makes going back to The Light Between Oceans difficult.  It is not as well written and the characters aren't developed as well.  But I kind of want to know what happens.  I also figured out how to download Nook books from Barnes & Noble to my Ipad.  I put the latest Jack Reacher book, The Wanted Man, on my Ipad but I haven't started it yet.
I think I'll use my Panera gift card tonight.  Yum!


  1. The colours you have chosen for the Rose glove look a lot better. Well done. Aunt Julia's needlecase looks great too. I'm looking forward to seeing how you finish that one. I'm always a sucker for different style needlecases:-)

  2. I too, like your colours much better, and the golden yellow back is just perfect. The glove will be so cute.
    Aunt Julia´s needlebook have such beautiful flower patterns,
    your stitching is gorgeous.
    Will be fun to see the finished things later on:)

    The bracelets in your last post are so so pretty!

    Have a lovely day and take care,