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Thursday, November 29, 2012


I have made a big mess.  I had to take everything out of my china cabinet and everything out of my curio#1 so they could be moved.  I couldn't believe how much stuff was in each one.  Where to put it?  All over the place.

 We got them moved just fine with help from some pieces of cardboard so they would cooperate and slide.  They look better than I thought they would.  I like where curio#1 is now.  I can see it better.  When I am at the sink or the counter in the kitchen it is right there for me to look at.

But now I have to put everything back.  A few things will go to Goodwill.  I can rearrange things in curio#1.  This was a great opportunity(!) to dust.

We have a big empty wall now for curio#2 to go on.  The bad part is that several large framed stitched
pieces are now in the behind the sofa art gallery rather than on the wall.

Did I get Maryann all finished into a pillow?  Nope.  I was unhappy with all the wrinkles in the fabric so I ironed it and then gave up and washed it.  I found a nice stripe to do the cording in.  Then I had to think.  (That is a very important component in finishing.)  I wanted to use the flowered fabric for the front strips and the back with only the striped fabric for the cording.  What if I didn't have enough?  I had to plan and make the strips small enough so that there would be enough fabric for the back.  Or I could make it easy on myself and use the striped fabric for the back as I have lots.  After thinking about it, I decided to go with using the floral as much a possible for the front and back.  I have the front sewn together and am ready to do the cording.
Sloppy Joes tonight - or as DH calls them crappy joes.  What does he care?  He's having fish!


  1. You did a great job of coordinating the fabric with the letter colors on MaryAnn's pillow. Love it.

    You inspired me to collect a bunch of sewing toys and put them on a shelf in a barrister bookcase (since I don't have a curio cabinet for them). I had to move them anyway to make room for Christmas decorations, but I like them all grouped together instead of scattered around the house.

    Is your china Noritake Champlain? Looks just like mine! Have fun filling your new curio cabinet. Can't wait to see the pics.

  2. Great! They look perfect don't they. Does this mean we get another tour of the contents. I hope so as you have added many more items since the last tour!

  3. Looks fabulous, the new curio. So excited to see abit more later on if you have the time and energy:)
    Maryanns project looks so pretty, you have a great eye for colours.
    Take care!

  4. such pretty and delightful aids to stitching I think surrounding ourselves with beauty is very important...and these are beautiful. Each one unique and clever and even practical. I don't think it gets any better. Creative Bliss Dear.