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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This happens to me a lot.  I pick up a project in the morning and notice that I have made a mistake the night before.  Then comes the question:  Do I take it out and fix it?  This morning when I picked up the Cabinet of Curiosities pin cushion I noticed a mistake.  The vase is almost done but I realized that it is one thread too low.  Do I take it out?  I decided to think about it for a bit, to weight the pros and cons.

The vase is almost done!
What would the effect be on the satin?  Snags?
Picking out queen stitches, ugh.
Can you really see that it is one thread too low?  One thirtieth of an inch?

I decided not to take it out.  When I take the waste canvas off, it will be less noticeable.  And in my heart of hearts, I don't think I will like it anyway.
I'm not really too lazy to take it out.  I'm just being practical.
I think I can finish the stitching part of this today.  Yeah!
I watched two episodes of Downton Abbey last night.  What a good series that is!
Back to more queen stitches.


  1. I wouldn't frog it either. (Frog ...ribbit, ribbit, rip pit, get it?) Lord knows what it'd be like with queen stitches and waste canvas. You are so close to the finish, and it's only a tiny tiny placement issue. U really don't think anyone would ever notice unless you pointed it out. But isn't it annoying when you are trying so hard to get it just as perfect as you can?

  2. My vote is to leave it as is. Unpicking queen stitches is bad enough let alone on satin. Annoying though. We had American Elections on our TV all night so I watched an old series of Midsomer Murders. Once I had the election results I certainly didn't need the post mortem analysis! Have a good day.

  3. It is so beautiful as it is, I can not see the difference.
    In this case I would not re-do it either.
    Oh, love the Downton Abbey too. To follow all the caracters
    thru their daily life and they are such excellent actors.

    Take care!