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Friday, November 2, 2012


I worked hard on the Rose Glove yesterday and I finished stitching it.

It turned out nicely. Time to finish it into a scissors case. I got the gimp edging out of the Cabinet of Curiosities kit and proceeded to stitch it around the edge.  So far, so good.  Then I printed out the glove pattern being careful about the size as I had heard that the pattern didn't fit.  I think the pattern for the skirtex is way too small but that is easily adjusted.  I used my sewing machine to stitch the glove shape on the ultrasuede.

That went fine.  Then I cut out the glove shape.  I tried three different scissors to try and find which worked best.  I was surprised that I had the best luck with the largest pair of scissors.  The edge isn't as exact as I would like it.  Then since I stitched through the paper pattern of the glove, I had to tear it carefully off.   Pulling it off also pulled some thread so I have some loops that I would like to get rid of.

I am wondering if I can find a piece of ultrasuede in my stash and try again to sew the glove with a larger needle using flimsier paper and cutting it with sharper larger scissors and if that would give me a better result.  I also have a "walking foot"  that is supposed to make sewing on ultrasuede easier.  So the cuff is ready to attach to the ultrasuede but I may stitch another glove.

The mailman brought me the Victorian Painted Lady yesterday by Gay Ann Rogers.

I have been wanting to stitch this for two years.  But I want to do it on linen and not congress cloth. (The directions say that you can do it on linen.)  Can I do it in hand?  Can I do a slightly different edging than nun stitch over nun stitch?  Should I order the recommended threads?  I did go ahead and order the called for threads.
We got lesson 7 in Cabinet of Curoisities and I have been enjoying reading about the toys found in the caskets.
I need to change my calendar already.

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