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Saturday, November 10, 2012


I was tickled to get the bracelet kits in the mail yesterday.  They were sweetly packaged in little tins.

I wasn't sure I could finish them well as I have very little experience with making jewelry.  First you have to sort out what parts you have.

There aren't specific instructions just a small general leaflet.  So I printed out the picture of the bracelet from the website.  I was able to put it together without too much trouble.  I used my Orna Willis tools and clipped the head pins and curled them under.  I don't know if I did it correctly but I ended up with this:


Then the other one looks like this:

The charms are larger than what I imagined but I think it will be cute when it is done. Again, there are no  specific instructions so I'm not sure what to use the little circles for and I am just guessing that they are for the gems.  I had to go get the glue to put the gems on the backs.  So I will finish it today.

I worked on Winter's Cottage and finished off the top inside part.

Now I am working on the front of the needlebook.  I managed to find where I am in the directions which are step by step instructions.

When I get this part done I can put it together.  I have changed a few things so I hope it works out.

I got just a bit discouraged with the chair seat.  The back stitch around the bottom was not centered and I (in my miserly stupidity put it too close to the top) am going to restitch the backstitch so that the initials and bird are centered.  It's on the bottom, so it really doesn't matter.  Actually, I don't like the design and would like to stitch something more delicate and more me for the chair seat.  But I don't know what that is yet.  I'm thinking.
This may take a while.

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  1. Such pretty bracelets indeed!
    The Winter´s Cottage and chair project are coming along so nicely:)
    Take care,