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Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Technique

I was very happy to finish several of Aunt Julia's Sewing Box accessories yesterday.  The scissors fob is done and has some nice twisted cord.

 Then the pin keep is done but I think it needs something around the edge like lace or cording.  I wish I knew how to put that button trim on.

I'll have to look up and see if there is a tutorial on how to do that edging.   I tried the cording that I made for the box but I didn't like the colors.
 Then lastly is the scissors/needle book.  It turned out fine.  Thank goodness the wrinkles ironed out with a little help from spray starch.

I added some skirtex to give it more body.  I used the charm to sew on the wool needle page (instead of putting it on the scissors fob).  I think the needle page needs more tacking down as it flops around when you open the book.  There is a pocket on each side.

There are two other books to make.  I haven't started them yet.
I wanted to set up this month's project for Cabinet of Curiosities.  First you put the piece of satin on a frame and then baste the waste canvas to it.  I tried using the milliner needle but found that the embroidery needle is easier.  I need help threading the milliner but the embroidery needle has a bigger eye and is sturdier.

I enjoyed sleeping through that extra hour that we got last night.  It was nice to get up when it was light for a change.  I'm hungry for lunch but it isn't time yet.
Thank goodness the election will be over this week.  We got at least 8 robo calls yesterday and the endless commercials are driving us crazy.

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