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Saturday, November 3, 2012


I am very bad today.  I skipped pilates.  I wasn't there last week because I went to a class.  So I have missed it for two weeks in a row.  It was nice to have the whole morning to myself without having to go anywhere.
I have finished the two projects from Cabinet of Curiosities.  I managed to work with the thread loops on the ultrasuede and make them less noticeable.  I didn't find any ultrasuede in my stash (although I know I have some somewhere).  So I just went ahead and put the cuff on.  It looks okay.  I did make a mistake as I was sewing on the cuff but it is no big deal.  I tried to get the decorative holes on the glove to show but they just won't.  So I gave up.  It is what it is.

Then I was on a roll and decided to finish the bug even though I didn't like how my background turned out.  I have done the Needlework Nibble butterfly which is finished in the same way.  I didn't like how the edge was done so I decided to try some different ways.  First, I didn't like the sponge filling.  I cut warm and natural into squares and piled it up for the filling and basted the pile together.  Then I tried gathering the edge on my sewing machine using two different techniques.  Nope, didn't look good.  So then I decided to put a ribbon on the edge with teeny tiny stitches.

Okay.  But now it needs something around the edge.  I made some twisted cording using #12 pearl cotton.  My first try wasn't thick enough so I did it again.  Much better.  So I attached cording around the top edge. It took all day but I am finished-finished.

My aim today is to finish Aunt Julia's Sewing Box accessories needle/scissors book - and to put it together.
I smell a new start in my future....

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  1. Well done on both the glove and the pin pillow. Your idea of ribbon and then twisted thread looks brilliant. Do you feel good having two complete finishes ticked off?