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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lucky Duck

I'm a lucky duck.  I get to stitch all day.  How much more lucky can you get?  Well, you get very lucky when the mailman brings you great stuff to stitch in the mail.  I was expecting one order yesterday but I got two, how lucky is that?
I had even forgotten some of the things I had ordered so they were like a surprise present.  I was prompted to order a couple of these things when I saw them on ebay and thought they looked cute.  So I went to the site and found some other interesting stuff.  I thought about it for a while and in a weak moment, I went back and ordered it.  I got a book on Berlin work and some silk gauze::

I got a couple of other kits:

I saw the hydrangea done on the silk gauze and I really want to do that.  A while back I had stitched a monochomatic design on 32 gauze and it turned out well (well enough to frame).  So I am game to try it again.  If I was really brave, I would have ordered the 40 count gauze.

Then I got a partial order of my silks for Victorian Painted Lady and a Just Nan Limited Edition kit.  Fun!

  So of course, I had to start the new little kit.  Then it dawned on me that the little mouse I am making would be a darling ornament for Claire.  So I may make a couple of these, hoping I can fashion a tail and find a suitable button for the bottom.  I am finished with the stitching part and can put it together today.

I only got this far on the ribbon edging of the Cherished Stitches Limited Edition thread wallet.

I am sewing each side of the ribbon by hand.  It is only slightly tedious.
Lots of new fun stuff to stitch.  I am a lucky duck.

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