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Monday, November 12, 2012


We might get snow today.  ARGH.  I am not ready for that.  I just want it to wait until I get back from seeing Dylan.  I haven't been able to take him a little personal pan pizza as our Pizza Hut has been torn down and is being rebuilt.  It reopens again tomorrow so next week will be pizza week - and it has a drive through.  I'm not sure how that will work but I am willing to find out.
I am finished with Winter Cottage.

Now time to critique it.  I changed some things and it was a mistake.  It looks okay but it would have been better to follow the directions and to use the recommended materials.  I tried to avoid some of the nun stitches.  Not my favorite stitch.  I used the CA way of joining for the needle book inside the front cover.

It was only partly successful.  The needle book is a bit puffier that I want and not quite as straight.  I think using the congress cloth would have been better.  I like the design inside the needle book better than the called for.

I think I left out (forgot?) a part that was to cover the inside fold.  I interfaced the inside and left an edge open so that there are two pockets.

But the interfacing should not really be seen and it is.  I still need to make some twisted cording to tie Winter Cottage together at the bottom.  The inside needle book doesn't close as flat as I would like and a tie there would be good too.  The door scissor pocket turned out nicely.

I wish the outside edge was smoother, that may be due to using linen instead of congress cloth.

I used Hand Dyed Fibers substitutions and I think some of the colors are too close together.  I would use a darker gray and three more distinct blues if I were to do this again (not a chance).  The threads for Victorian Painted Lady should arrive this week and I am going to follow the directions precisely.  I can get started on the nun stitch edging anytime.
Goal for today: finish number 2 bracelet.

1 comment:

  1. Well done on finishing Winter´s Cottage!
    I really know how you feel when tackling the Nun Stitch etc. I keep putting my Townhouse away and then picking it up again, as I get tired of the Nun Stitch.
    Though we don´t give up on our projects(mostly):)

    I also use CA finishing for many things.
    Abit harder though I think, if the linen is too soft and flappy sort of speak.

    Take Care,