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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Cents

I put in my two cents about this country and voted this morning.  I was number 264 at the voting place for our area.  It was pretty busy but there weren't any lines.  I also ran into three people I knew and hadn't seen for quite a while.

I worked on the Cabinet of Curiosities pin cushion.  I have a ton of queen stitches left to do but I am making good progress.  I am anxious to get done and see what it looks like when I pull out the waste canvas.  I almost messed up the initials.  I began stitching them and then didn't like the "W" so I changed it by deleting four rows.  That meant I had to scramble to keep the initials centered.  It looks good though.

I also put in some snow on the Winter Cottage.  The snow was originally supposed to be squares but I didn't like that and changed it to circles which makes it a bit harder to put in.  It is hard to work on something I'm not crazy about but I will keep plugging away.  One corner still needs finishing.

I ordered the sweet little limited edition mouse from Just Nan.  That will be a fun stitch.
I plan to watch some of Season 1 of Downton Abby tonight as there will be nothing on TV.

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