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Friday, November 16, 2012

Working on Gauze

I've been to The Cheese Lady, the bakery and the gas station this morning and that is all after going to exercise.  Every time I go to the bakery I get a donut ( a chocolate iced fried cake) so that kind of cancels out the exercise.  But it was very yummy.  It is a good thing they didn't have any of those baby size pumpkin pies, I would have bought one of those too.
I have been working on the hydrangea on silk gauze.  I started out doing cross stitches but it wasn't looking as smooth as I wanted.

So I did some investigating.  How did they do it in the photo I saw?  What did I do on the gauze I worked on last year?  In both cases I used tent stitch.  It would be a nightmare to take out what I had done, so I started over.  I am much happier with how it is looking now.

Gauze is hard to work on.  You can get confused as to which holes have been worked since you can see through to the threads on the back.  I had a hard time with the chart, I kept getting lost.  So I scanned the chart, printed it out and used a few colored pencils to help me figure out where the heck I am.  I am just going to start at a point and build around it.  I am pretty happy with the leaf.  I ended up with a few unworked stitches in the leaf and I just filled them in with a middle color instead of going back and doing one stitch of one color, etc.  So I know it isn't done exactly to the chart but it looks fine.

I want to finished the hand sewing on the Cherished Stitches Limited Edition kit today.
 I have seen the wave of the future!  It is digital magazines.  Inspirations Magazine is now available as a digital magazine and I want to subscribe.  Their site doesn't have the "lock" to assure it is secure so I may have to call and subscribe.  It will be great not to pay for all that postage from Oz.
It sure doesn't feel like it is almost Thanksgiving.  We are supposed to get up to 50 degrees today.  It is lovely outside.


  1. Do let me know how you like a digital subscription. I am tempting myself with Pieceworks but am not sure how I will like it so will wait and see what you think. Hope you are having a great day.

  2. Your silk gauze flower will be so pretty when finished:)
    I too, use an extra paper copy for marking my spots on the chart when working on designs with many similar colours.
    And you will get more familiar with the gauze along the way, so keep up the spirit! Amazing work on the needlecase with all the finishing sewing, very pretty lining silk also.
    Inspirations Mag is so great and I have a few, would really love to be able to get it digitaly, saves loads of shipping money.
    Have fun with all your new stitching stash and take care,