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Monday, November 26, 2012

On the Edge of My Seat

I have been all tensed up and on the edge of my seat.  Why?  Because I have been reading the new Jack Reacher novel, A Wanted Man.  It is on my Ipad and I picked it up to take a break from stitching.  Then I couldn't put it down!  I keep waiting for the sudden unexpected event to happen.  He's riding in a car with a couple of bad guys who have guns.  At night.  With a broken nose.  I was finally able to stop reading when one of the bad guys shot at him. It was time for lunch anyway.

Thanksgiving went very well.  I haven't forgotten how to cook.  The trifle is long gone.  DH is back to having fish tonight.  I do have a hankering for brownies however.  I never did get around to making prune bread.

I have been very bad about stitching the Grand Niece's name.  I have two letters left and I should get busy.  I have have been playing around with some things.  You'll just have to imagine me having fun trying new stitches and colors of floss.

As I stitch, I think about stuff.  Now that Thanksgiving is over, I have to think about Christmas and what to get Claire.  I wanted to get her this darling horse rocker.  The horse is made of white terry cloth but he isn't available until December 19th.  I have to think of a Plan B.  All I have for her so far is an animal puzzle that makes sounds.  So I was looking online for the most adorable little girl's outfit ever.  What I liked best was a smocked bishop neck dress.  I could make that and I already have some material.  This afternoon I went looking for a pattern in my stash.  I think I found one that will do in the right size.  I also have a pattern down in the crawl space for a watermelon dress.  It is from many years ago but it such a cute idea.  The round collar looks like a slice of watermelon and the seeds are black oval buttons.

I got the rest of the my order from ABC Stitch so that I have all the stuff for starting Victorian Painted Lady.  I am going to take the Jackie project from Sampler and Antique Needlework magazine off the frame so I can put the congress cloth on it.  Then it will be nun's stitches up the yingyang.
Santa let me order something very special this week - a mirror with doors!


  1. I think Santa will be bringing me a mirror with doors soon... I just have to wait a little longer to place the order.

  2. My copy of A Wanted Man arrived from the library yesterday!
    I can't believe they are getting Tom Cruise to play him in the movie of The Killing Floor. He's too pretty - just not Reacher material.
    I really must learn Nun stitch one day.

  3. I am pleased to hear your Thansgiving went well. Over here in NZ, I had my own moment of thanks for all your generosity to me and the inspiration your daily blog brings. So now Christmas preparations are underway! Am I allowed to guess what might be the next two letters on the name pillow? N?? I won't try guessing what colours you will do them. Have a good day.

  4. Oooh! The mirror with doors! I want one of those!
    I thought A Wanted Man was rather good - Lee Child is still writing well even after 17 novels. Poor Reacher and his nose. I hope he gets to Viginia to catch up with his blonde lady in the next novel......