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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Catching Up

Friday got so busy that I didn't post.  I sent Maryann and Sophie to Norman (Oklahoma that is).

 I was happy with how my little pillow turned out.  I hope they like it.

Then in the afternoon curio#2 was delivered.  It is covered with a sheet until Christmas when I will be able to fill it up.  I found that I did not have room to put everything back into curio#1 so I have a pile of things ready to go into curio#2.
I got the instructions for my Merrily class that I am taking through Shining Needle Society.  I am a rebel.  I am doing everything my way instead of hers.  I didn't stitch a single basting thread.    

I have it about one third done.  I didn't like that the words Merrily, Merrily are not symmetrical so I am changing it up a bit.  Also the stitched sample picture doesn't match the chart.  I hate that.  Okay I know  the designer must have changed her mind between the stitching and the charting of this.  But the photo ought to match the chart if it is to be of any help while you are stitching.

I also picked up a big box of oranges from Florida.  I like to have a small glass of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.  These oranges should last me for a month.  The oranges benefit the local Junior Symphony and I buy them every year.  They are always delicious.

All day Saturday was spent at a stitching class.  DH and I studied maps and googled and printed maps out and discussed how to get to the class.  It was my first time going to this location.  My directional skills are terrible.  We had a map that was about 15 years out of date.  It really does help to have a paper map to get the whole idea of where you are going.  I did pretty well and only missed one turn.  Because of all our preparation, I was able to recover from my misstep and got there on time. Cheryl asked to follow me one the way home so she could get to the highway.  Brave soul!  I only had one minor detour through a funeral home parking lot before getting where we needed to go.   I had a great fun day.  It is so nice to come home with something finished and I did.  I just love going to stitching classes.  I am honoring the designer's request not to show her things.
Also yesterday I got the next lesson in Cabinet of Curiosities.  We have another project.  It is a scissors case done in velvet stitch.  I haven't done velvet stitch before.  We are working it over waste canvas on satin.  The last project worked on waste canvas over satin turned out pretty well so I think I can do this without any trouble.


  1. I love the pillow and am sure that Maryann will too. What a pity the designer from your stitching class said no photos - very tantalising. I really want want want to see them now :-) Have a good day

  2. The Pillow is so very cute! You have done a marvellous job also on the cording around the edges, it is so great:)

    Good for you to get to class without any driving trauma this time. I so very much know how you feel, I have had same experiances with getting lost when driving.

    I am looking forward to hear more about the velvet stitch. how exciting for you to try out some new things for your Cabinet.Have fun girl!

    Take Care:)

  3. The pillow turned out really pretty. Love all the piping. It really sets it off. And, the giraffe! Oh my goodness. My firstborn had that same little toy. I can remember his little hand wrapped around it. He's 34 now.