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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Learning

I went through the Dolci Beads lessons yesterday and watched all the videos.  My pet peeve is music on those videos, drives me nuts.  Also, I don't like blogs that have music on them.  I don't know what it is, I just know I don't like it.  Anyway, I discovered I wasn't doing the Jessica stitch correctly.  I was always bothered by the end of the stitch.
See that edge that prevents the circle from being continuous?  Well, the video shows that the last few stitches are tucked under the beginning stitches.  I'll have to try that bead again and do it the right way.  Or, take that bottom bead out and restitch the last few stitches.  Another pet peeve I have about this class is that one of the beads we are shown as a sample, we aren't given the chart for.

I skipped step/sculpt class yesterday.  My excuse is I slept too late.  So I made sure to go to Pilates today.
I have two Christmas gifts left to show you.  Today's gift is the door mirror from Thistle Threads.

I was delighted when DH let me get this.  It is a wooden frame to be covered by stitching. It is very sturdy. There is one design included or you can design your own.

This is just the part of the design that will fit the doors.  I want to stitch a more modern design for this.  Behind the doors is a mirror.
This is the back.  It has an easel so you can either hang it or set it on a piece of furniture.
It came with no hinges (that's the reason for the blue tape) do that you can choose to do historically correct (expensive) ones or ones from the hardware store.  I don't care about historically correct so I'll go the inexpensive route.  This is almost as good as getting the casket.  It is going to be very challenging and will take a lot of 2013 to finish this project!
We are going out to eat tonight with friends.  That will be fun.  Kind of a New Year's Celebration.

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