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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I've Been Shopping

I shopped a lot today and I still have more shopping to go.  We are getting packages in the mail.  Mostly things I ordered for Claire.  Amazon sure does send orders quickly.  There are still more things to arrive.  I'm anxiously waiting for my mirror with doors, I'm very excited about that.

I have a finish!  Ta Da!

I finished up Merrily Merrily.  I had some issues with it.  I didn't order the kit (only the instructions) so I used threads that I had on hand.  Luckily I had most of the Gloriana silks it called for.  Unfortunately, all the greens looked alike.  I didn't know what Glissen Gloss was so I bought some DMC gold metallic thread.  I tried using two ply but that was too thick for the 40 count linen.  I couldn't get all the smyrnas in.  So then I took that out and just used one ply, much better.  One of the bunnies has stitches that go the wrong way.  I stitch upper left corner to lower right corner when doing tent stitch.  But the symbol for the tent stitch was "/".  I ended up going the way the symbol went by accident.  You can't tell it though.  I didn't put in my initials.  The designer didn't include an alphabet and I was too lazy to figure it out.  I checked out if I wanted piping around it but piping is too big.  Twisted cording will be fine.  I like the size of this ornament.  Considering that I got the directions last Friday, was gone Saturday, and got it done yesterday, it was a quick stitch.

I traced the scissors keep for this month's Cabinet of Curiosities on waste canvas.  Don't worry if it looks a little sloppy, the waste canvas will be pulled out and not show.  I want to try a little different take after I do it with velvet stitch.   I want to do this project again on linen using the dark thread on the edge and filling in.

I am so bad,  I signed up for the Amy Mitten tutorial that starts next March/April.  I decided that I am staying home next year and not going to so many retreats.  We'll see if I can keep to that promise.


  1. Ay, you needles have been smoking again! Merrily looks lovely. The Amy Mitten class looks like it might help with ideas for your cabinet too? Very interesting.

  2. Merrily looks great! Congratulations on the finish!