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Thursday, December 20, 2012


It is getting so close to Christmas.  After exercise class many people were wishing everybody  a Merry Christmas since this was the last class before Christmas.
 It was a rainy night.  The wind makes it feel very cold but it is in the 40's.  The weather will turn colder tonight and the rain will become snow.  I am on my last package of rootbeer lozenges so I made a run to Hobby Lobby for more.  I go there about three or four times a year and buy all the rootbeer packages they have.  Today I bought twelve.  That ought to hold me for a while.  I also bought 6 packages of Cherry Creme Drops.  I have less control when eating these.  I am going to try and make them last through January.  Fat chance.

I should pick up the velvet stitch scissors case again.  I'm not very motivated.
I have two things I am thinking of putting together.  I have a Martha Stewart pointsettia box and I have a leftover initial I stitched for the New England Stitcher's retreat.

I think I will paint the box which is cardboard.  Then I am trying to figure out how to attach the stitching.  Maybe I can use a layer of batting to pad the top and glue it around the edges.  Then I can put lace or ribbon around the edge of the top.
I'm going to go get cozy in the happy chair.

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